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Custom Volvo FMX Tippers

Custom Volvo FMX Tippers

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Another huge year inside the AA Diesel factory is coming to a close, so we thought we’d finish 2023 off with a bang with these custom Volvo FMX tippers! Completing these tippers put a nice cherry on top of a fantastic year for our team and we have to say they were very happy with the end result.

Our customer for this job came to us needing to put 4500mm long by 1000mm high tipper bodies on the back of these new Volvo FMX trucks, with a need to securely travel with soil and other fine materials with their body. After meeting with the client and discussing what they had in mind for these trucks our team got to work, planning out a build that would end with a durable custom truck body.


Creating that durable truck body always starts with utilising Hardox Wear Plate Steel, ensuring that our customers are getting a first-class product with guaranteed durability. All Hardox steel has passed strict quality control processes, giving our customers piece of mind that they are getting a premium product. You can see this strength in the 4500mm long by 1000mm high tipper bodies we installed on these custom Volvo FMX tippers, two trucks that will shine on the road for a long time.

Part of this body installation was also the inclusion of grain locks and a grain door for the tipper bodies tailgate. As mentioned above, the client needed these trucks to carry soil and other fine materials on the road, so making sure each load is secure would be extra important. The grain door will also allow for more refined tipping, making this body a must have for clients who are performing similar work. But the features don’t stop there! We also include some custom options to further help our client on the road, so be sure to read on and learn more.

Custom Truck Body Features

Complimenting those grain doors was the installation of a Razor Electric Tarp for this body, ensuring that any material loaded on to the truck body stays there. It’s features like this that make drivers lives easier and deliveries faster, which is why we always check with our clients to discover exactly what they need to do each day with their truck.

On the back of the truck, we fitted a Rockinger Ro500 Tow Coupling and all trailer connections to ensure that if they need an additional trailer on the truck, they have the towing capability to do so. To finish the special features for this build we also installed angles on all of the top rails, our famous stainless steel strip on the body and spray suppressant on the truck’s splash guards, just some of the touches we always try and put on each of our truck body, trailer and truck tray builds.

It’s been our busiest year yet but our team has managed to come through every time; with this job being no exception. We were thrilled with the end result and so was our client, with the customer now having two amazing custom Volvo FMX tippers that they can use to make deliveries on the road.

Our team are now taking a well-earned break with the tools in the factory hung up for 2023. We’ll be re-opening in the new year on Wednesday January 10th, so see you in 2024 everyone and have a fantastic Christmas break!


Check out more photos of these custom Volvo FMX tippers below and remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for regular updates!

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