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Custom Tipper Bodies: Variants And Features

Custom Tipper Bodies Example

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Getting a custom tipper body installed on your next truck is a significant resource for any transport or construction business, allowing for quicker deliveries and controlled pours of materials like grains, gravel and soil. Most people have likely seen a tipper body out on the road, whether it’s a Mack tipper filled with tanbark for a playground or a Volvo truck filled with debris from the latest housing development. But the functions of these tipper trucks can be quite different, with the choice of the correct tipper body an essential one to get the most out of your truck.

From the standard rear tipper to belly tipper trucks, there are plenty of options available to truck owners who are looking to increase the functionality and efficiency of their vehicle. If you’re looking to add a tipper truck to your business be sure to read on, as take a deep dive into the varieties of tipper bodies on the market and the functions you can utilise to boost workplace productivity.

Why Install A Tipper Body?

One of our most requested items by AA Diesel Truck Bodies clients is the conversion of a prime mover into a tipper body truck. This takes your truck from being a transporter of static, large objects to a truck capable of both carrying and quickly delivering resources out on the road. It is for this reason that most of our clients come to us when asking for a custom tipper body, as they look to enhance the efficiency of their truck.

The benefits of custom tipper bodies extend beyond boosting efficiency, however. From construction and mining to agriculture and waste management, the adaptability of tipper bodies make them an important resource in a variety of industries, customisable to suit whatever your business needs out on the road. Here at AA Diesel, we offer a range of solutions that can help you increase your truck’s capabilities, from Razor electric tarps that ensure your load is secure to handheld remotes that enable your drivers to make controlled pours and deliveries on-site.

That versatility is a core feature of tipper trucks, with a number of variations available when having a new tipper body built for your truck. If you’ve decided that your business needs a tipper, then the next question you need to ask is what type of tipper truck do you need? The answer to that question may depend on what industry you’re in, the types of materials you’ll be delivering and the terrain you driver will need to cover, making your choice of tipper body variation an important one to get right.

Variations For Custom Tipper Bodies

One of the most important parts of the truck body build process is the initial consultation, with many business owners unaware of the varieties of custom tipper bodies available to them. Each has special functions that can help improve the truck’s productivity, from making controlled pours to ejector tipper bodies that quickly de-load materials. Some of those most common varieties are listed below, detailing how they’re utilised and why they may suit some jobs more than others:

Standard Rear Tipper Bodies
The most common type of tipper body is the standard rear tipper. It is characterised by a hydraulic ram mechanism at the rear of the truck bed, allowing the bed to be raised and the contents to be tipped out efficiency.

Applications: This design is widely used in construction, mining, and waste management industries for transporting and unloading materials such as sand, gravel, and debris. It allows for controlled pours at the rear of the vehicle, with an emphasis on productivity.

Side Tipper Bodies
Side tippers, as the name suggests, unload their cargo by tipping it to the side. This feature is especially useful in situations where access to the rear of the truck is limited.

Applications: Agricultural operations utilise side tippers for the distribution of grains and fertilisers, and they are also suitable for specific construction scenarios where side access is essential. Skilled drivers should be able to use this body to make precise deliveries, without the need for additional equipment to spread materials evenly.

Three-Way Tipper Bodies
Three-way tipper bodies are highly versatile, offering the capability to tip to the rear, to either side, or to both sides simultaneously. While this flexibility may come at a higher initial cost, that added functionality may end up saving truck owner’s money down the line once they factor in the boost in delivery efficiency.

Applications: Landscaping projects can benefit greatly from the versatility of three-way tippers, ensuring an even and efficient distribution of materials in varied terrains.

Ejector Tipper Bodies
Ejector tipper bodies are designed for efficient and rapid unloading without the need for the truck to tip. Instead, the body of the truck is hydraulically pushed up, ejecting the material out of the rear and allowing the driver to quickly move on to their next job or task on-site.

Applications: Ejector tipper bodies are commonly used in waste management for the quick and efficient discharge of refuse, reducing downtime in waste disposal operations.

Belly Tipper Bodies
A belly tipper body, also known as a belly dump or bottom dump trailer, is a specialized type of tipper body used in the transportation and unloading of bulk materials. Unlike traditional rear tipper bodies, a belly tipper unloads its cargo through the bottom, offering some distinctive benefits.

Applications: The controlled unloading of a belly tipper body makes it suitable for road construction and maintenance projects. It allows for the precise placement of materials, such as asphalt or road base, contributing to the quality and efficiency of roadwork.

Customisable Features

These are just some of the options out there, with several other variations able to be built by our talented AA Diesel team. But the options for these custom truck bodies do not stop there. One of the most requested features for our tipper bodies is the addition of a chip bin to the tipper body, helping the truck to carry even more material between jobs. We’ve built this type of truck body for a number of our clients, as you’ll see in the photos of this Kenworth tipper build below:

Our team is also capable of making your custom tipper body demountable, allowing drivers to quickly switch from tipper to prime mover capabilities. This essentially allows you to have two trucks in one. Need to carry excavator equipment from site to site? Use your prime mover body to carry this equipment securely. Want to then transport soil, rocks or sand to the site that your excavator is working on? Utilise the functions of your new demountable tipper body to deliver these materials efficiently.

Another common request from our clients is to expand the capacity of their trucks with a chassis extension, allowing for a bigger tipper body on truck with a larger wheelbase. Wheelbase extensions are one of our specialities at AA Diesel, with our team have significant experience performing these extensions across a wide range of vehicles. We always perform these extensions to exact manufacturer standards to ensure you get an outstanding result for your tipper.

Finally, we always complete our custom tipper bodies with the installation of a number of special features, all customisable to our clients request. During the consultation process we’ll discuss with you the types of jobs your truck will be performing, and recommend a number of solutions that will make the lives of your drivers easier. Some of these custom features include:

– Two Way Swinging Tail Gates      – Grain doors      – Custom Tow Bar Assemblies      – Electric Razor Tarps      – Tie Down Rails     

– Trailer Couplings (Rockinger, Ringfeeder, or V.Orlandi)      – LED Lighting      – Custom Paint and Splash Guards

And much more! We can install whatever features you need on your truck, making the lives of your drivers easier out on the road.

Boosting your productivity with a tipper body

Installing a tipper truck body on your next truck is a terrific way to grow your business and expand your ability to perform bigger jobs for bigger clients. Obtaining a tipper truck has been a transformational experience for many of our customers, allowing them to perform more work with greater efficiency and expanding their abilities within the construction industry.

Our talented team is ready to help guide you through that experience, from the initial consultation process to determine your truck’s needs through to building out the features you want to install on your new truck.

To learn more about our tipper bodies or to get a free quote call us on (03) 9706 7881 or email our team at

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