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Triple Freightliner Tippers Set For Queensland Delivery

Three Freightliner Tippers Parked In Front Of AA Diesel Factory

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The AA Diesel brand continues to spread cross-country with our team putting together three tipper bodies for these Freightliners, set for delivery to Queensland!

We were contacted by one of our amazing regular customers for this job with a quick turnaround needed, so our team got straight to work in April to ensure this delivery would be built and delivered quickly to fit their needs.

While the job needed that quick turnaround our commitment to quality did not waiver, with our team working meticulously to ensure our client received trucks that were built to last. Read on to learn more about our process and this exciting interstate delivery.


Seeing these beautiful new Freightliners drive into our factory was an exciting moment for our team, getting the chance to install three tipper bodies with special features that will compliment these amazing trucks.

Our client set us the task of building three identical tipper bodies for these Freightliners, all needing to be 5800mm x 1400mm to get each truck’s work done. After talking with the client to see what additional features these trucks would need our team quickly got to work, designing and fabricating the tipper body with durability for years to come.

Once installed on the truck, each tipper body also needed to have rope rails, steps and pull-out ladders on both sides of the body, allowing their workers to have access to features that boost on-site productivity. We love adding special features like this on to each truck body we build, as you’ll see below the special features for these Freightliner tipper does not stop there!


These Freightliners are some of the biggest trucks that have come through our factory, so they needed some big features to help them get the job done each day!

For each truck we installed 34-tonne capacity towbars, to help them tow 4-axle PBS dog trailers after delivery. On each tailgate we also installed a grain shute, grain/mud locks and ladders to help their drivers/workers each day on site. These trucks also now feature our signature stainless steel strip on the side and two-pack paint job, giving the Freightliners that extra shine on the road.

Finally, all three trucks came with a handheld tipper control unit, allowing their drivers to have full control over the tipping process and ensure that whatever is being delivered gets to the right spot, every time.

These three Freightliner tippers are now on their way to Queensland and we know that our client will be very happy with the final product! Enjoy these amazing trucks guys, we know our team are a bit jealous that they’re not the ones who get to drive them each day.


Check out more photos of these Freightliner Tippers below and remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for regular updates!

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