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The Benefits of Acquiring A Tipper Trailer for Your Business

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After having a tipper body installed on their truck, we often get return customers coming back to us for a tipper trailer. This is a great way to expand the capabilities of your truck and your business at the same time, allowing you to not only carry double the load capacity but make deliveries even faster with a trailer that can fully utilise a tipping action.

Standard trailers are a popular option for drivers carrying large equipment, especially in the landscaping industry where you may need to haul an excavator in addition to the soil or other material in your tipper truck body. With a tipper trailer, you will be able to make deliveries or collections with double volume, boosting your business’ efficiency and allowing you to take on more work throughout the week.

In this article, we take a look at how tipper trailers work, the special features you should look consider, and some of the long-term cost savings you’ll get from adding a tipper trailer to your setup.

How Tipper Trailers Work

Efficiently loading and unloading materials can significantly impact overall productivity for your truck setup, which is why so many clients come to us for tipper truck bodies. The same can be said for tipper trailers, which have distinct advantages when it comes to boosting productivity. Unlike traditional, flat bed trailers, tipper trailers can use the power of gravity to deliver materials exactly where you need them, avoiding the use of excavators or manual labour to make deliveries on site.

Operating a tipper trailer is a relatively straight forward process but one that is highly effective. Most commonly, a tipper trailer utilises a hydraulic system with a jack that lifts the front end of the tipper tray, creating a slope that easily allows materials to slide effortlessly out from the rear. These trailers are controlled by a wired or wireless tipping controller, with a skilled operator able to pour the trailer’s load either all at once or gradually, as the truck is being driven on site.

Those wanting even more versatility may want to investigate side tippers or three-way tippers, giving you additional options in making deliveries that could increase the efficiency of your setup. These options will allow you to tip your load to the side instead of the trailer’s rear, catering to different unloading scenarios and providing additional flexibility. Selecting the right type of trailer is something a truck body builder can assist you with during the consultation process, along with choosing the special features you’ll need to get the job done on the worksite.

Custom Features to Boost the Efficiency of Tipper Trailers


As highlighted above, adding a tipper trailer to your trucking setup can significantly enhance your vehicle’s efficiency, especially when dealing with bulk materials. However, to fully leverage the benefits of a trailer, it’s essential to consider what features you’ll need to maximise the productivity of your setup. At AA Diesel Truc bodies our team regularly build a variety of tipper trailer bodies including super dog (3 axle), quad dog (4 axle), plant trailers, and PBS approved trailers, all tailored with these special features to suit your requirements on the road. Listed below are some of the most common features requested for tipper trailers; options that may be of real use to your team on the worksite.

Load Capacity and Size

The most important customisation option is the load capacity and size of your tipper trailer. Businesses should assess their typical load requirements and select a trailer that can handle the weight and volume of materials they transport. Our trailers come in either 5.3m or 6.1m length and can be built to suit both the needs of your truck and the capacity you’re looking to transport.

Tailgate Configurations

The tailgate of a tipper trailer is a critical component for efficient unloading. Our truck trailers can be equipped with two-way swinging tailgates, which allow for versatile unloading options, either from the rear or the side. This feature is particularly useful in confined spaces where traditional rear unloading might not be feasible.

Businesses looking to utilise their tipper for landscaping or agricultural applications should consider adding grain doors to their tailgate, facilitating the easy flow of granular materials like woodchips and soil. Those looking to deliver heavy items may need to consider installing a high lift tailgate as well, securing your heavy load while driving and allowing material to be delivered without high impacts by fully raising above the tipper body.

Tarp Systems

To protect the load from weather and prevent debris from escaping, truck owners look to the various tarp systems on the market. Manually operated and remote-controlled tarps are available, allowing you to quickly secure a load and then remove the tarp at delivery time.

Brake and Suspension Systems

Having a strong foundation for your tipper trailer is crucial to ensuring long-term durability. Selecting between disc and drum brakes is an important decision, with disc brakes likely to be more expensive but offering greater stopping power and more durability overall. Another important factor is choosing a suspension system for your trailer. Picking the right system, like can air bag suspension system, will ensure you get a smoother ride on the road and help reduce wear and tear on your trucking setup.

Finishing Touches

Your truck body builder should be able to make your trailer shine with paint, decals and mudflap options that highlight your company’s branding and services. Matching these with your existing truck body will be key to enhancing the durability and visibility of your truck on the road. You should also ensure that all of the safety aspects of your truck trailer match your existing vehicle, with the right LED lighting, trailer connections and tie-down points in place for long-term vehicle safety.

Ensuring you have the right setup for your truck trailer will improve your ability to carry large loads from site-to-site and increase the overall efficiency of your business. While you may pay a short-term cost from procuring that custom trailer, the long-term cost savings for your business will far outweigh your initial outlay, helping your team to make deliveries faster and get more work done throughout the week.

Long-Term Cost Savings from Owning a Tipper Trailer

Owning a tipper trailer can seriously enhance the functionality and efficiency of your business, allowing you to take more work on and better satisfy the timeline requirements of your customers. Not only will you be able to increase the capacity of your truck with double the volume on board, but being able to perform controlled pours will allow you to maintain lower staffing levels without the need for additional manual labour on-site. Getting a tipper trailer integrated into your setup will also reduce the need for multiple trips from depots or delivery locations, allowing you to carry more, travel less and save money at a time when fuel prices are continuing to rise.

Finding the right truck body manufacturer will help you realise these long-term savings, working with you to determine exactly what you need out of your truck setup and building you a premium trailer body that will last long into the future. They’ll also be able to provide additional maintenance services and repairs on both your truck body and tipper body, ensuring that your setup stays functional without interruptions to your working week.

For  over 25 years, AA Diesel Truck Bodies has been building premium custom truck bodies and tipper trailers, aiding clients across Australia in enhancing their vehicle functionality and job efficiency. Our engineering team works closely with you to understand your requirements, choose the ideal trailer, and equip it with the necessary features for peak performance.

For a free quote or any enquiries about tipper trailers, call us today at (03) 9706 7881 or contact our team via email at

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The Benefits of Acquiring A Tipper Trailer for Your Business

After having a tipper body installed on their truck, we often get return customers coming back to us for a tipper trailer. This is a great way to expand the capabilities of your truck and your business at the same time, allowing you to not only carry double the load capacity but make deliveries even

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