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How To Pick The Right Custom Truck Tray For Your Business

Custom Truck Tray With Raised Tipping Action

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Whether you’re in construction, landscaping, or any other industry requiring the transportation of heavy loads, having the right custom truck tray can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your business. There are a ton of varieties on the market, from beavertail trays to flat tops, and each offer unique features that could make the lives of your drivers and teams a whole lot easier on the worksite.

Selecting one suitable for your business can be difficult however, particularly when you may have conflicting daily needs for your truck or are unsure of exactly what options are available on the market. Some businesses may need to switch between transporting heavy equipment and deliveries quickly, while others will need the functionality of a crane tray that allows them to safely unload bulky items. Being able to determine which type of truck tray is right for your business will be the key to unlocking extra functionality for your vehicle and will likely lead to enhanced productivity no matter what industry you’re in.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide that delves deep into the world of truck trays, helping you discover what the needs of your truck will be and select the right truck tray to match. Read on to learn more about the features of some of the most common types of truck trays and how they can help you achieve your business goals.

Determining Your Business Needs

While you likely have a solid idea of what your truck will be utilised for on a daily basis, many truck owners are actually unaware of all the options they have when taking their vehicle to a custom truck body builder. It is only during the consultation process that they are able to discover the full range of truck tray varieties that they can have installed, along with the extra options that may make life easier out on the road. Features like support posts, towing assemblies and toolboxes can really add functionality to your truck, so it is important to really explain all the tasks you’ll be performing with this truck during this consultation process. This will help your builder create a unique tray that suits your business needs and boost the truck’s overall functionality.

One of the first steps in this consultation process will be assessing your truck’s payload requirements. Together with your truck body builder, you’ll need to consider the types of materials or equipment you typically transport and their weight and dimensions. For instance, if you’re in the residential construction industry, you may need a tray capable of carrying heavy machinery with additional options for carrying timber or other building supplies. Alternatively, if you’re in landscaping, you might select a tipping tray that allows you to efficiently deliver materials where you need them, with added storage space for tools and equipment.

You’ll also likely need to consider the terrain and environment your tray needs to operate in, with some industries likely needing additional support for their truck to function appropriately. For example, if your business operates in rugged terrain or inclement weather conditions, you may need a custom truck tray with reinforced construction and enhanced durability to withstand the rigors of off-road use. This will likely be a key part of the consultation process with your truck body builder, who will need to understand exactly how your truck will be used in order to deliver a truck tray that is designed to withstand harsher driving conditions if required.

Lastly, you’ll need to select a truck tray that is compatible with your vehicle, as not all trucks will be suitable for each variety. This of course will be a step that your truck body builder will be able to guide through, advising on the installation of truck trays for any vehicle you currently own and providing insight into the best types of trucks for certain industries and roles. They can’t help you with buyer’s remorse should you buy the incorrect vehicle for your desired truck tray however, so be sure to get in contact with your truck body builder before you make any large purchases for your business.

Custom Truck Tray Varieties And Their Features

Once you’ve determined exactly what your truck will be utilised for, it is time to select a truck tray that fits those needs. There’s a ton of varieties on the market, some of which have different names depending on where you’re from or where the custom truck tray has been built. Below you’ll find some of the most common ones that we have installed for clients, but be aware that there are many more out there and these can often be customised to suit very specific purposes.

Flatbed Trays

Flatbed trays are one of the most versatile options available, providing a flat, open surface for transporting a wide range of goods and materials. Flatbed trays can be customised with features such as side rails, tie-down points, and toolboxes to suit the specific requirements of your business, ensuring your load is safely secured and easily unloaded on the worksite. They’re ideal for businesses looking to quickly make deliveries across different sites, unimpeded by physical barriers and allowing for faster access to whatever is sitting on the tray.

Volvo Truck Tray For Civilcast

Beavertail Trays

Beavertail trays, also known as dovetail trays, feature a sloped rear end that facilitates easy loading and unloading of wheeled or tracked vehicles. These trays are well suited for industries like earthworks, equipment rental and automotive transport, where the transportation of heavy machinery and equipment is common. These trays are often supported with custom hydraulics that can assist in the quick deployment of ramps, able to be operated by remote control without the need for your driver to perform any additional heavy lifting.

Rear Angle of Beavertail Tray

Drop-Side Trays

Drop-side trays are equipped with hinged or removable side panels that can be lowered or folded down to facilitate loading and unloading of bulky or irregularly shaped cargo. You’ll often find landscapers requesting these trays as it allows them to precisely deliver materials where they need them, sometimes at very specific angles. Drop-side trays also offer the flexibility to accommodate oversized items that may exceed the dimensions of a standard flatbed tray.

Hino with drop side truck body

Tipper Trays

Tipper trays, also known as tilt trays, feature hydraulic mechanisms that allow the entire tray surface to tip or slide backward, facilitating effortless loading and unloading of vehicles, materials, or machinery. You’ll often see these trays when your car breaks down, with towing attachments allowing for quick vehicle transportation to the nearest mechanic! Tilt trays can remove the need for cranes or additional hydraulic ramps, making them ideal for businesses looking to streamline their operations and quickly get heavy equipment on to their vehicle.

UD truck with tipping tray truck body

Crane Trays

Crane Trays are designed for businesses that require the transportation of heavy or oversized loads that cannot be easily loaded using conventional methods. These trays are equipped with integrated crane mounts or lifting points, allowing for seamless attachment to overhead cranes or hoists. They can make the lives of construction business owners a whole lot easier as they deliver extremely heavy items like roof trusses and heavy stonework that will need to be delivered both securely and safely.

Rear Side Angle Of UD Quon With Custom Rear Mount Crane Tray

Deciding on the right custom truck tray for your business will ultimately come down to the functionality you require for your vehicle, the total load capacity you need and the terrain your truck will be regularly traversing. You’ll need to decide on these items in consultation with your truck body builder, who will be able to advise you on the best way to achieve your goals for the truck and suggest custom options that you may not have considered.

Here at AA Diesel Truck Bodies, we’ve been building custom truck trays for over 25 years, helping clients across Australia maximise the functionality of their vehicles and get the job done faster. Our engineering team can work with you to assess your options, select a truck tray and install it with whatever features you need out on the road.

For a free quote or any truck tray enquiries, call us today on (03) 9706 7881 or contact our team via email at

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