Looking Back: Our Top 5 Jobs From 2019

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rear view of two tipper truck bodies with hardox badge

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Wrapping up a Busy Year

What better way to kick off 2020 than to look back at some of our favourite truck body projects that we completed here at AA Diesel Truck Bodies over the course of 2019. We had quite a few truck bodies to choose from, so after a month of intense debate, we have come up with our top 5.

2019: An interesting year in the trucking industry

In reflection, last year was an interesting year in the trucking industry. We saw a slight slow down in the number of truck body orders in the first half of the year as the banking royal commission came into effect, meaning business finance was more challenging to obtain. Eventually, with the number of infrastructure and property development projects increasing throughout Melbourne, overall demand for trucks increasing, and business finance flowing again, the second half of the year saw a huge boost in the number of truck body orders here at AA Diesel Truck Bodies.

Let’s begin our countdown from 5 to 1.

5. Two types of product, one tipper body

Coming in a number five is one of our slightly more unique tipper body projects. In November 2019 we built this tipper body for a brand new Isuzu, purchased at Westar Truck Center for a garden supply yard. The tipper body was 5500 long by 800 high, and included a custom made tailgate partition in the middle of the tipper body. This allowed the client to carry two types of product without mixing them together and make two deliveries in one run. It saves the client time, money and leads to less wear and tear on the new truck. In addition, we added heavy duty tail light protectors, as the client was having ongoing problems with drivers damaging and breaking tail lights when tipping out product or reversing into jobs. Needless to say, the client was very happy with the solution we came up with!

4. Custom specification beavertail tray

At number four is one of our beavertail truck trays. In February 2019, we built this custom beavertail tray for a brand new HINO. This unique project involved performing a wheelbase extension and then designing, manufacturing and fitting a custom specification beavertail tray which was longer than standard due to being required for a very specific job. The beavertail tray included auger attachment holders, custom made extra heavy duty toolboxes fitted neatly underneath the tray, 25 tonne hydraulics ramps and a heavy duty chequer plate floor. We were very proud with the end result and the client loved their new beavertail tray.

3. Truck and dog combo

On the podium at number 3 is one of our favourite truck and dog combos for the year. In January 2019, we had the pleasure of delivering this custom built truck and dog combination for a brand new Hino FS. This truck and dog combination was designed, manufactured and built to PBS specifications, allowing our client to cart a whopping maximum weight of 49.5 tonnes in total. Like all of our tippers and trailers, both the tipper body and trailer in this case were made with Hardox Wear Plate steel for maximum durability and toughness in the harsh Australian conditions. And off course we matched the truck and trailer height so everything looked absolutely spot on!

2. Specialised beavertail tray combo

In second place was a purpose built beavertail tray combination. In April 2019, we completed this amazing truck body order for a highly specialised beavertail tray for one of our Victorian clients. Initially, a wheelbase extension was performed to allow us to design, build and fabricate the tray. We then designed and purpose built the beavertail tray to the client’s unique specifications, including installation of heavy duty toolboxes fitted on either side for storage, a custom built steel frame made exactly to the required spec, tie down rails, hydraulic pumps, and a heavy duty wear resistant chequer plate floor.

1. Kenworth wheelbase extension

At the number one spot is our favourite job from 2019, which was a custom wheelbase extension. In September 2019 we completed a custom truck body for one of our clients who was looking to increase the horsepower on his truck so he could cart a big stock crate which carries livestock. To achieve this, we completed a wheelbase extension on his Kenworth K104 cab over, allowing it to carry a 28 foot long stock crate. The job involved extending and adding drive line tail shafts. These jobs tend to get very involved. All of the work in this case was completed in consultation with our engineer to ensure everything is set up correctly and complies with original manufacturer specifications. We only managed to get one photo, but its all we need to appreciate this beast!

Looking forward to a big 2020

So that’s the countdown for 2019. Tell us what you think of the jobs above? is there any that we didn’t include that should have been on this list?

On another note, its now time to get moving with 2020 and the job schedule is filling quickly. If you would like to discuss your truck body project with us,  call us directly and book in your free, no obligation consultation!

Recent Jobs

Kenworth Tipper Truck Body
Tipper Truck

Kenworth T410SAR Tipper Body

We had a stellar month delivering a variety of tipper bodies, truck trays, trailers, and custom projects. A large portion of our projects were custom builds with the team very keen to get new tipper bodies on a number of trucks including this amazing looking Kenworth T410SAR. This truck was standout this month coming into the shop brand new direct from the Kenworth factory floor for the Gippsland Truck Centre.

Tipper Body and Tipper Trailer
Truck Trailer

Rowe Constructions 3 Axle Dog Trailer

In the month of August, we delivered a significant number of tipper bodies to clients all around Victoria and interstate. We spent a lot of time on custom projects and trailers including one of our highlight projects for the month involving the construction of a new tipping trailer for Rowe Constructions.

Hino with custom drop side truck body
Custom Truck Builds

Custom Hino Drop Side Truck Body

One of our favourite highlights from July was building a custom drop side truck body for a Hino truck. This was a large-scale project that required meticulous planning to ensure that the final product met client requirements.


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