October 2019 Tipper Bodies

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Rear view of Mack truck with tipper truck body, custom grey paint and tarp, shows Hardox badge

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A Busy Month At AA Diesel Truck Bodies

As October recently came to an end, its time for a quick round up of the jobs completed for the month. With all of the construction occurirng around Melbourne, the number of tipper bodies we are delivering each month is growing substantially.

Tipper Bodies and Tipper Conversions

In October, we built and delivered a large number of tipper bodies, including for both brand new trucks and used truck to tipper conversions. The tipper bodies varied in size, ranging from 8, 10, and 12 cubic meter capacity bodies. All were built using Hardox steel for the ultimate durability, with all of the hydraulics done in-house. We also applied our 3 e coat 2 pac painting system which ensures the paint will stay on longer, and is able to take a lot more impact than a regular paint job. 

Planning and Design Process

Our careful and attention to detail process allows us to build each truck body according to the exact specifications required by our clients. Once we get an understanding for the specification required, we sit down with the client and the salesperson selling the truck and discuss what sort of work the truck will be performing.

This is followed by a design process which involves drawing detailed and exact sketches to ensure that the body the customer requires is able to fit on the truck, and to ensure that all the weight distribution between the axle groups is correct. This part is crucial, getting this right means the body position is correct on the truck which ensures that the truck will never be over loaded on any single axle group, and that steering and braking is optimised.

Check out the photos of some of our finished tipper bodies below.

Recent Jobs

Kenworth Tipper Truck Body
Tipper Truck

Kenworth T410SAR Tipper Body

We had a stellar month delivering a variety of tipper bodies, truck trays, trailers, and custom projects. A large portion of our projects were custom builds with the team very keen to get new tipper bodies on a number of trucks including this amazing looking Kenworth T410SAR. This truck was standout this month coming into the shop brand new direct from the Kenworth factory floor for the Gippsland Truck Centre.

Tipper Body and Tipper Trailer
Truck Trailer

Rowe Constructions 3 Axle Dog Trailer

In the month of August, we delivered a significant number of tipper bodies to clients all around Victoria and interstate. We spent a lot of time on custom projects and trailers including one of our highlight projects for the month involving the construction of a new tipping trailer for Rowe Constructions.

Hino with custom drop side truck body
Custom Truck Builds

Custom Hino Drop Side Truck Body

One of our favourite highlights from July was building a custom drop side truck body for a Hino truck. This was a large-scale project that required meticulous planning to ensure that the final product met client requirements.


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